Call your Senators & HOR Members
on Electoral Reforms

Electoral Reforms

All you need to know to contact your Representatives

Talking Points

The Electoral Act will peg and reduce the cost of nomination forms for each elective position making sure young people can contest fairly

Electronic transmission of voters accreditation data and vote results from each
polling unit will be legalized by the Act

There is a provision for INEC to adopt electronic voting in elections.

The Electoral Act will give legal backing to Smart Card Readers (SCR) and any
election conducted without it will be null and void

Party members will have to elect delegates for indirect elections and any member of
the party can vie to be a delegate. Elected delegates would then vote for the
nominee of the party.

Demands you can make

Ask your representative to move a motion calling for the immediate passage of the

Ask your representative to ask the leadership of the National Assembly why there
has been a delay despite the report being finalized

Ask your representative to demand that the bill be brought up to the house for third
reading immediately

Ask your representative to demand a briefing from the committee leadership to the
entire house on why there has been no progress

Mention to your representative that the electoral act gives hope to the people about
the possibility to change their situation via elections.

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